Partner repository

The so called “Canonical partner repository” is a special one, available since Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy and providing more than the software of a single, specific company or developer team. It contains free of charge, non-Open Source but wide-spread software. It was introduced to provide these programs in an easy way, including updates. E.g. the Adobe Reader is part of the repository.

Add the repository

The data of the partner repository is shipped with Ubuntu, but it is not activated by default. But as already said, the data exists. Therefore you can simply activate it using the Synaptic GUI:

  1. Open Synaptic
  2. Go to Settings→Repositories
  3. Go to the “Other Software” tab and check [codename-of-your-release] partner. There are probably much more entries visible as shown on the screenshot, so you may have to search a little bit.
  4. Approve the changes and click on the “Reload” button. You can close Synaptic afterwards.

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