WinRAR is a closed-source shareware (un)packing tool to create and decompress .rar archives on MS Windows systems. It is the developer's1) (un)packing pendant to the *ix applications RAR and UNRAR.

WinRAR additionally brings support to decompress .zip, .arj, .lzh, .tar, .gz, .ace, .uue, .bz2, .jar, .iso, .exe, .7z, and .z archives.



XP and above

Simply download the Windows installer in your preferred language and execute it with administrator privileges. You should have an eye on the created context menu entries for the Windows Explorer (because WinRAR created a lot of them by default) and deselect the ones you don't need.

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RAR is a proprietary format, WinRAR, RAR and UNRAR are the fitting programs of the developer Alexander Roshal
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