Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a powerful, cross-platform Open Source e-mail client, RSS/Atom and news reader.



9.04 Jaunty and above

Simply install the following package(s):

To localize Thunderbird (non-English), you have to install the fitting thunderbird-locale-<lang> package, e.g.

for German. To list all available locale-packages, open a terminal and run

apt-cache search ^thunderbird-locale


XP and above

Simply download the installer and execute it with administrator privileges.

Or use Thunderbird Portable which got some advantages compared to a traditional installation:

  • You can place and move your Thunderbird Folder wherever you want (e.g. temporarily move it to an external storage device).
  • Very easy GnuPG integration: Simply download the current Windows binaries (w32cli), decompress the .exe file with WinRAR or a comparable program and place the files within […]\ThunderbirdPortable\App\gpg\. Install Enigmail afterwards and everything is fine regarding e-mail encryption.


The following lists all documented Add-ons:

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Tips and tricks

Add additional dictionaries and/or language packages

Have a look at Mozilla's Dictionaries & Language Packs website.

The Quick Locale Switcher add-on is a nice tool to switch between different installed dictionaries and language packs.

Prevent reply indicator chains ("Re: Aw: [...]")

Some e-mail applications are using localized non-standard reply indicators, e.g. a German MS Outlook is using “Aw:” instead of “Re:”. MozillaZine KB provides a solution for this (but it does not influence existing mails, only new ones).


  1. Exit Thunderbird
  2. Open your profile's user.js and add the following:
    // Recognition of localized reply indicators
    user_pref("mailnews.localizedRe", "AW,Aw,Antwort,VS,Vs,SV,Sv,Svar");

    You can add more non-standard reply indicators by appending them as comma separated values.

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