Mozilla Thunderbird Add-ons

With Add-ons (sometimes also called extensions), it is possible to provide additional functionality to Thunderbird.

You should only install really necessary and well-known Add-ons because there is no standardized quality assurance for them.


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Thunderbird Add-ons are getting installed via .xpi files. To install an Add-on:

  1. Download the .xpi file. If you are using Firefox, use “Right Click\Save as…” to download the file. Otherwise Firefox may think you want to install a Firefox extension, because it is also using .xpi files.
  2. Open Thunderbird
  3. Goto “Tools→Extensions” (Thunderbird 3) or “Tools→Add-ons→Extensions” (Thunderbird 2) and press the “Install…” button in the lower left corner
  4. Browse to the .xpi file you downloaded and press Okay.
  5. A “Software Installation” window will appear. Press the “Install now” button when it becomes enabled.
  6. Restart Thunderbird. You can delete the downloaded .xpi file now.
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