Texmaker is an Open Source, cross-platform LaTeX editor.



10.04 Lucid and above

You need a working LaTeX installation to use Texmaker with all features.

Simply install the following package(s):

After installation, you can start the program by clicking “Applications→Office→Texmaker”. Or open a terminal and start it via texmaker.

Spell checking

You have to provide an adequate dictionary ff you want to use the included spell checker. To do so, install the fitting hunspell-<lang> package, e.g.

for German. To list all available Hunspell-packages, open a terminal and run

apt-cache search ^hunspell-

If your language is not available, use a MySpell package (→ myspell-<lang>) instead.

To configure the dictionary to use, look at “Texmaker→Options→Configure Texmaker→Editor→Spell checking dictionary”. Choose /usr/share/hunspell/<lang>.dic or /usr/share/myspell/<lang>.dic.


XP and above

Simply download the Windows installer and execute it with administrator privileges.

Or use portable packages (also provided at the download page, “USB stick version”) if you want to run Texmaker without installation.

Tips and tricks

Prevent encoding issues

Texmaker is using ISO 8859-15/Latin1 on Windows by default and UTF-8 on Ubuntu. You can configure the Encoding to use at “Texmaker→Options→Configure Texmaker→Editor→Encoding”.


The Texmaker website provides some screenshots, showing the program on different platforms.

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