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Shutter is a powerful Open Source Screenshot tool for the GNOME Desktop. It can take screenshots of a specific area, window, the whole screen, or even of a website.

Some features:

  • Specialized image editor, enabling you to quickly draw on it to highlight points, rezise, cut or censor the screenshot.
  • Upload service for image hosters.
  • Brings a TrayIcon for quickly accessing the application.
  • Keeps track of all screenshots during a session.
  • Is able to generate thumbnails.
  • Tools to capture tooltips and websites.



9.10 Karmic and above

Simply install the following package(s):

There are some additional packages, providing special functionality:

Tips and tricks

Set Shutter as default screenshot tool (Print key)

  1. Open Shutter
  2. Go to Edit→Preferences→Keyboard
  3. Enable both “Capture” and “Capture with selection” by check their check-boxes.

Take a screenshot after X seconds

To take a delayed screenshot (useful to show context menus etc.):

  1. Open Shutter
  2. Go to Edit→Preferences→Main
  3. Configure the option “Capture after a delay of X seconds” as needed

Or use the small quick setting in the lower right corner of the main window.


Taken with Shutter, for sure :-P

See also

Shutter provides often needed Screenshot actions as specific tools for censoring text, special symbols etc. – all the stuff needing needing much work with Gimp and others, done in seconds
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