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   * ''​[[apt>​ntfsprogs]]''​ //(main)// -- needed to create and edit [[wp>​NTFS]] partitions   * ''​[[apt>​ntfsprogs]]''​ //(main)// -- needed to create and edit [[wp>​NTFS]] partitions
-After installation,​ you'll find GParted under "​System->​Administration->​GParted"​. Or open a terminal and start it via ''​gksudo gparted''​.+After installation,​ you can start the program by clicking ​"​System->​Administration->​GParted"​. Or open a terminal and start it via ''​gksudo gparted''​.
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 ===== Weblinks ===== ===== Weblinks =====
   * [[http://​gparted.sourceforge.net/​|Official GParted project page]]   * [[http://​gparted.sourceforge.net/​|Official GParted project page]]
-  * [[uuwiki>​GParted]] ​(German)+  * [[uuwiki>​GParted]] ​:lang_de:
 {{tag>​application gparted}} {{tag>​application gparted}}
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