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GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

GIMP is an advanced, free Open Source raster graphics editor.



9.04 Jaunty and above

Simply install the following package(s):1)

There are some additional packages, providing special functionality:

  • gimp-dcraw (universe) – for importing RAW files from cameras
  • gimp-gap (universe) – for creating animations

You may like to have the comprehensive help in your language. To get it, install the fitting gimp-help-<lang> package, e.g.

for the German files. To list all available gimp-help packages, open a terminal and run

apt-cache search gimp-help-

After installation, you can start the program by clicking “Applications→Graphics→GIMP Image Editor”. Or open a terminal and start it via gimp.


XP and above

Simply download the Windows installer2) and execute it with administrator privileges. Please note that the user manual is an extra package, downloadable on the same page.

See also

  • Inkscape – Open Source vector graphics editor.
  • Dia – Open Source diagram creation program.
  • Scribus – Open Source DTP program.
  • Shutter – A feature rich Open Source screenshot tool, including a basic image editor.
BTW: GIMP was installed by default till Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid
gimp-win.sourceforge.net is a gimp.org related project
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