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AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a powerful element blocker for Firefox. It blocks elements based on a rule set before your browser downloads them (this safes band width, too).

Because there are very good existing rulesets (and AdBlock updates them automatically), AdBlock enables you of view most websites on the web without annoying ads. This is also a privacy feature.


Tips and tricks

Good filter list subscriptions

  1. The Easylist Project provides high-quality filter lists including automatic updates. Simply subscribe:
    • “Easylist” to block most ads
    • “EasyPrivacy” (an supplementary subscription) to block tracker scripts and Web bugs.
    • If your are living outside of the US, you may also have a look the supplementary subscription for your country (e.g. Easylist Germany)
  2. SocialMediaBlock (subscribe) helps you to get rid of all the “Share”, “Like” and other buttons (this is also a privacy and performance feature). The author takes care that only the “tools” are blocked, the websites themselves are still working.


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