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 ==== Windows ==== ==== Windows ====
 === XP and above === === XP and above ===
-Simply [[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​ext2fsd/​files/​|download the newest Ext2Fsd-<​version>​.exe Windows installer]] and run it with administrator privileges.+Simply [[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​ext2fsd/​files/​|download the newest Ext2Fsd-<​version>​.exe Windows installer]] and execute ​it with administrator privileges.
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 ===== Weblinks ===== ===== Weblinks =====
   * [[http://​www.ext2fsd.com/​|Official Ext2Fsd project page]]   * [[http://​www.ext2fsd.com/​|Official Ext2Fsd project page]]
-  * [[uuwiki>​Linux-Partitionen_unter_Windows|Linux-Partitionen unter Windows]] ​(German)+  * [[uuwiki>​Linux-Partitionen_unter_Windows|Linux-Partitionen unter Windows]] ​:lang_de:
 {{tag>​application ext2fsd}} {{tag>​application ext2fsd}}
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