Lightning is a Thunderbird security extension which allows you to manage multiple calendars (local file and/or network calendar).

Lightning is able to access Google Calendar if the “Provider for Google Calendar” extension is installed (see below for instructions). If you need help (e.g. to detect you calendar's URL), have a look at the Google help and the mozilla wiki.


32bit systems (Linux and Windows)

Simply use the default installation method. See to get the .xpi. If you want to use Lightning with you Google Calendar, you should install the Provider for Google Calendar, too.

64bit systems (Linux)

Do not use the Mozilla Add-on page because it is not able to detect the correct 64bit platform which may leads to offering you an incompatible Lightning version. The 64bit version is even hard to find on the offical project website.

But there is an easy way to get the correct extension. Simply have a look at Click the version you want and look at the contrib/linux-x86_64/ sub-directory. There you'll find the lightning.xpi. If you want to use Lightning with you Google Calendar, you should also install the gdata-provider.xpi (Provider for Google Calendar) out of the same directory .


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