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JDownloader is a powerful Open Source, cross-platform download helper. It simplifies downloading files from hundreds of One-Click-Hosters like RapidShare and Megaupload, for both premium and non-premium users.

Main features:

  • Downloading in multiple parallel streams
  • Automatic CAPTCHA recognition
  • Automatic file extraction
  • Resolves “protected” links from sites like



10.04 Lucid and above

Cause JDownloader is written in Java, you need a functional Java Runtime Environment (JRE) before you can use it. You should prefer Oracle Java cause OpenJDK sometimes has problems running JDownloader correctly.

You can choose between two installation methods:

  1. Manually/script based
  2. Via package manager (PPA)

FIXME Installation instructions


XP and above

Cause JDownloader is written in Java, you need a functional Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you don't have a JRE installed, JDownloader tries to install the JRE during its setup.1)

Watch out for the kikin and FlashGot browser plugin. The setup wizard tries to install kikin by default, so uncheck it if you do not want to install it. This may be also important after updating JDownloader.

Additionally, you will be asked if you want to use the kikin and/or FlashGot plugin during the first run of JDownloader. Simply choose “Cancel” to go on without installing them. Both are not needed to use JDownloader and may be installed anytime you want by yourself. (Data as per 2010-07-23)

  1. Simply download the Windows installer and run it with administrator privileges.
  2. Run a plugin update. You need up2date plugins to make sure everything works as expected cause the supported hosters are changing their APIs and forms from time to time. And the corresponding JDownloader plugins have to follow these changes.

Tips and tricks

Privacy/security: disable clipboard URL monitoring if not needed

You should disable the clipboard monitoring feature if you are handling private data and URLs. JDownloader may copy the clipboard's content/URLs into a logfile if monitoring is active. Just use the icon the GUI provides to enable or disable it: left: enabled; right: disabled

Change download dir and GUI language

  1. To change the download directory, go to “Settings” tab, “Download & Connections→Download directory”
  2. To change used language, go to “Settings” tab, “User Interface→Language”

Configure automatic extraction and merging of archives (.rar etc.)

By default, JDownloader tries to merge downloaded multi-part archives and extracts archives. It keeps the original archive files to be on the safe side.

  • If you want disable the automatic merging and/or extraction, disable the addons which are responsible for this:
    • “Addons→HJSplit”, uncheck “Enabled”
    • “Addons→JD Unrar”, uncheck “Enabled”
  • For automatic deletion of the original files after successful merging/extraction go to “Settings” tab:
    • “Plugins & Add-ons→Extensions→HJSplit→Delete archive after merging”
    • “Plugins & Add-ons→Extensions→JD Unrar→Delete archives after successful extraction”

Reduce resource consumption (Linux, GNOME Desktop)

JDownloader's default style is very slow if running on GNOME. If you want to reduce JDownloaders CPU usage, go to “Settings” tab, “User Interface→Style” and choose “Light(GTK)”. Restart JDownloader afterwards, it should run much smoother now.

See also

I personally would install the JRE by myself before running the JDownloader setup to make sure you got a clean and up2date JRE
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