Dictionary Switcher

Provides a function to toggle between the installed dictionaries and displays the currently selected dictionary in the status bar.


Tips and tricks

Influence which dictionaries are listed

The list of provided locales is very long on many Unix-like systems cause a common environment ships many locales you may not care about (e.g. “en_US” vs “en_CA” vs “en_AU”). If you would like a way to select locales to show in the list:

  1. Use Quick Locale Switcher instead of Dictionary Switcher…
  2. …or if the usage of Quick Locale Switcher is not an option: The Add-on does not ask you which locales you want to see in the list. To influence the list, you may remove *.aff and *.dic files which are symbolic links in /usr/share/myspell/dicts/. Attention: this may break some other apps – not well tested!


The dictionary / typing is very slow

Try to disable “Detect dictonary as I type” and/or “Auto-detect locales”.

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