Docky is a great-looking, feature-rich dock for the GNOME desktop, making window and application management easier and quicker. Additionally, it is very easy to use.

Docky was a part of Gnome-Do and became a separate application in the end of 2009.



10.04 Lucid and above

Simply install the following package(s):

The Docky development is relatively fast. You should use the developer's PPA if you always want to have the newest features. To get the latest development releases add the following PPA repository:

  • ppa:docky-core/ppa

After installation, you can start the program by clicking “Applications→Accessories→Docky”.

To configure Docky, start it and right-click on the Docky symbol or – if you removed it – on the free space leftmost beside the first icon. Choose “Settings” afterwards.

Please note that Docky needs compositing to work. Therefore you may need to enable Ubuntu's Desktop Effects1) to make it work properly.

Tips and tricks

Add something to the dock

You can add all kinds of things to the dock (application launchers, folders, files). The easiest way to do so is to use Drag & Drop. Drag the item onto Docky. Once you see the a “Drop on Dock” tooltip release the mouse button.

Remove something from the dock

To remove an item from the dock simply drag it outside the dock and release the mouse button. You'll see it “puffing” away in a cloud of smoke if it worked. This works for all pinned launchers/files/folders except the Docky icon itself.

Remove the docky icon

This needs Docky 2.1 or newer.2) Normally, the Docky icon will be shown on the left of the dock in every case. But you can remove it with a little trick . Open a terminal, execute the following command and restart Docky afterwards:

gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem 0

You can still configure Docky without its icon on the dock. Simply right click on the free space leftmost beside the first icon and choose “Settings” afterwards.

To re-enable the icon, execute the following command and restart Docky:

gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem 1

Automatically start docky after logging in

Open the Docky-Settings. You'll find an option named “Start When Computer Starts”.

You can use more than one dock at any desktop border you like

You don't have to use only one dock. And you don't have to put it on the bottom of the desktop. Simply open the Docky-Settings and click on the “New Dock” button in the lower left corner, the following should be self-explanatory.


System→Preferences→Appearance→Appearance Preferences, Visual Effects tab
If you are running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid or older version, you have to use the developers's PPA to get it. See the installation description above for details regarding the PPA repository.
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